Work (public)

As developer

Screenshot of Demoscene collection on CodePen

As technical lead / producer

Screenshot of Against Violent Extremism websiten

Much of my output over the past decade has been super-secret stuff for clients, so it can't be shown here. Hit me up if you wish to discuss the nature of this work in more detail.


Web application development

  • Senior JavaScript Engineer, ShopKeep (2017-present)
  • UI Developer (Senior), Moola (2016-2017)
  • Head of Frontend Development, +rehabstudio (2014-2016)
  • Senior Developer / Project Lead, +rehabstudio (2011-2014)
  • JavaScript architecture (ES6), patterns, and modular design
  • Experience with React + Redux/Flux, Angular, Backbone, and other frameworks
  • Former lead developer on production projects for Google, YouTube, Disney, HBO, Red Bull, Samsung, and more
  • High performance, including payload splitting, first-render, jank-busting, and critical path optimization
  • Progressive web app strategies & techniques: offline, Home Screen etc
  • Progressive enhancement, including no-js base builds
  • Accessibility and internationalization patterns
  • Build tooling, scripting and configuration (Webpack, Gulp, etc)
  • Unit testing, integration testing, browser automation, CI/CD (Jenkins etc)
  • Experience in Python, Node, Ruby and PHP server-side development
  • Git repo management, gitflow model, pull request policy creation, code review, etc
  • Creative development via CSS3, Canvas, WebGL and Web Audio API
  • Browser game development via Phaser, ThreeJS etc
  • Functional & technical specifications, documentation writing, etc

Team, project & community leadership

  • Co-organizer & community manager, BelfastJS (2015-present)
  • Project scheduling, estimation, scrum mastering and resource management
  • JIRA management & configuration
  • Technical contact for clients and third-party agencies
  • Recruitment and developer outreach
  • Staff welfare and events organization

Mentorship & evangelism

  • Experience in developing training programs, night classes, and mentorship for junior developers, interns and placement students
  • Advocate for industry diversity, performance, accessibility, offline, and the web platform in general
  • Frequent game jam / hackathon participant
  • Published in net magazine #268: modular development & web audio
  • Guest speaker for IMD and CompSci events at QUB and UUJ

Other info

Educated to degree level (BA Hons). Able and willing to travel.

Full references available on request.

I ♥ cake, game playing & development, making music, (occasionally) working out, pro wrestling, cinema, and general tinkering.

I also very occasionally write about the above.